All of the masks you will find here are made of leather and all are of my own design and creation. New designs are constantly being developed and added as the muses visit and as time & resources permit - check back often for updates. Random pix of a few of the newer designs listed but not shown may be available, just ask. Everything you see here is Copyright (c)1985 through 2011, Lawrence D. Wood & Fantasy Guilde Studios.
All rights vigorously defended.

A Bunch of Characters
Abstract Notions
Astrological Signs
Cast of the Bard
Critters Great & Small
Dance of the Shaman
Dead Man's Party
Denizens of the Dark
Faeriefolk and Other Personae Mythos
Greenmen and Leaves
Dark Leather

With few if any exceptions, any mask you find here can be ordered in any reasonable color[s] at no extra charge.
Requests for custom designs and design alterations will be seriously considered and achieved if possible.
Most smaller designs are available in various color selections in open stock during most of the year.
Masks to order may be subject to delayed shipping during certain times of the year. Plan ahead!

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