For other characters and critters, also see: Critters, Cast of the Bard, Faeriefolk and Astrological Signs.

Not shown, but coming eventually: Minotaur, $145; Goth Chick, $54; Bubba, $48;
Several masks inspired by traditional Carnevale designs, $45-$85.

Images are not necessarily in scale to one another.
All designs are available in any reasonable color[s].

Comedy & Tragedy; $165 pair

Angel $145 Archangel $265

Archangel available by custom order only.

The Lunatic,
a millennial madness
update to my 1987 Moon
design, right. Also available in
the same standard colors
or any custom color of your choice; $175

The Jester, $145

The original
1/2 Moon;
moons are available in standard colors of silvery, blue, harvest or darkside (black)

Helios will brighten your wall; $325
(The chin piece is removable so you may eat, drink and converse at your masquerade)
custom order only

LOKI, the Jokerboy, the Prankster
and Mischief Maker, A Clown Gone Bad; $195
(clown "make-up" subject to variation)

another Clown Gone Bad; $195
(clown "make-up" subject to variation)

Not your typical image,
based on a
Japanese Woodcut; $265

ELVES (no, not Elvis!); $75 ea.

a gruff but mischievous
, $225
whatta BIG PUNK; $145   whatta little PUNK; $48  


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