Not for the timid.

Images are not necessarily in scale to one another.

All of these mask/blindfold designs attach by one or more buckled leather belts.
Blindfolds are padded with faux fleece.
Collars attach with locking posts.

Most of the mask designs found on other pages of this website can
be made without eyeholes and with the buckled belt[s] and padding.
Write for pricing, feasibility and availability.


Dark Jester Set
Mask $125.00
Collar $125.00

Show in Mardi Gras

(Blindfold available)

Dark Jester Set
Mask $125.00
Collar $125.00

Show in Black

(Blindfold available)

  Dark Jester Set
Mask (above) $125.00
Blindfold (below) $125.00
Collar $125.00

Show in Misty Blue

Collars are available in two
standard heights of 2" (right)
and 3" (above),
and three neck sizes (

All sets and pieces are available
in any reasonable color[s].
Bells and hardware are
usually silver.


'Elizabethan' Collar
Wing Collar
Tux Collar

Dom Mask


Short Posture Collar

Split High Posture Collar

Long High Posture Collar

High Posture Collar


Short Sleep


Bunny Blindfold

Blind Demon

(three belts)



Chain Leash
(Chain is 24", overall 32")


(two belts)


Celtic Swirl Belt Collar
Celtic Knot Belt Collar
(also available in black)
Celtic Futharc Belt Collar
Basic Thin Belt Collar

We have other belt collar designs, too many to show - find us at an event!


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