Images are not necessarily in scale to one another.
All designs are available in any reasonable color[s].

      The Full Skull
in a variety of personalities; $85

Toofy & Fangster (above)
FangyToo (below)
Three of an ever-expanding
series of whimsical

TechnoDead; $75 ea.

  Blaze'o'Glory; $225
based on traditional
"flash" (tattoo art)
    Morty, the Dead Jester; $225
Also available in a crown
or other headwear
The Half Skull, $75
Crypt Dweller, $48
      Hard Skull, $95
Riveted heavy (7-9 oz) leather
buckled belt
available in black or metallic (shown)

Morty says, "push it!"

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