Images are not necessarily in scale to one another.
All designs are available in any reasonable color[s].


Earth $75   Air $75


Fire $75   Water $75

This list of aspect animals is taken from the wonderfully informative book
Sacred Mask Sacred Dance
*  by Evan John Jones with Chas S. Clifton.
I have no affilliation with the authors or their book.

Hare $85 Raven Fox $85
Hound Boar $195 Swan
Cat $75 Owl Ram $195
Mare Squirrel $75 Goose

I do not purport to be an expert on shamanistic ritual!

Other animals or images may apply to different paths.
Suggestions for animals additional to these would be gratefully considered.
Custom orders are of course possible.

Make it dance!

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*(ISBN 1567183735)