Images are not necessarily in scale to one another.
All designs are available in any reasonable color[s].

Angel $145 Archangel $325

Archangel available by custom order only.

Helios $325 Luna (1/2 Moon) $95
standard colors are silvery (left), blue (right),
harvest red & darkside black, not shown.
Helios available by custom order only. Luna (1/2 moon) is open stock.
Coloration is in keeping with astrological tradition
and may be customized to suit your desires.
Pisces $425 Aries $225
Taurus $225 Gemini $245*
Cancer Leo $175*
Virgo Libra
Scorpio Sagittarius $225
Capricorn $225 Aquarius


*female version of Leo - Leona $160


*Two side views of Gemini


Astrological designs are available by custom order only.

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